Guest Profile

Oleg Firer

Company: Unified Payments, Inc.
Location: FL
Industry: Business Services,Financial Services

Oleg Firer is a seasoned executive with deep knowledge and experience in the payment processing industry. After a number of years in the wireless and data communications industry, Mr. Firer started in the payments business in 2002 with a partnership investment in GM Merchant Solutions (“GM”), a small New York based independent sales organization (ISO), where he later assumed the role of CEO for the Company. During his tenure, Mr. Firer was responsible for developing high growth strategies, both in direct and indirect sales channels. In 2004 Mr. Firer merged the company with Atlantic Synergy, another ISO, renamed the company to Acies, and led the new company through an initial public offering.

In 2007, Mr. Firer was approached by an investment company to establish and lead an investment division focused on financial services. Star Capital Management (“Star”) was created for this purpose and under Mr. Firer’s leadership, Star successfully pursued numerous initiatives.

In 2011, Unified Payments purchased payment processing assets of Star, and Mr. Firer’s was retained as the Executive Chairman. Mr. Firer has grown the company to generate annual processing revenues of over $60 million and become one of the top acquirers in the United States as rated by Nilson Report.

Through his past experience, Mr. Firer embodies an experienced leader with the knowledge and capabilities to lead the growing company into the future with great expectations. The success he has had in the past includes experience as a senior operations manager, building presence and generating profitability in highly competitive markets. He also has proven achievements in new product launch, new market development and establishing market presence.