Guest Profile

Scott McLaren

Company: ProtectCell
Location: MI
Industry: Business Services

Scott McLaren is ProtectCell’s President and Chief Marketing Officer. He has been instrumental in creating the infrastructure necessary for ProtectCell to continue its growth pattern while meeting the needs of dealers and customers.

With over 15 years of marketing experience, Scott was most recently Director of Global CRM and Digital Marketing at General Motors where he defined and promoted best Customer Relations Management (CRM) capabilities and digital marketing strategies for GM in the global market and accelerated global deployment of CRM and business to consumer activities.

Prior to his global position, Scott served as National Advertising Manager for GM’s Saturn line with responsibility for all Saturn advertising, where overall volume in units increasing over 60 percent. He oversaw the launch of the Saturn SKY in Times Square on top of the Hard Rock Café and led Saturn into the age of the X-Games including awarding Travis Pastrana a Saturn SKY for his outstanding performance as the X-Games MVP. Scott’s decision to have Saturn partner with Bravo’s Project Runway during Chloe Dao’s infamous breakout as a designer increased other advertisers’ crave to be linked to the now household TV favorite. While leader of the Saturn VUE launch team, the vehicle overtook the segment lead from PT Cruiser and Honda CR-V after only two years of competing in the compact SUV segment. Scott’s launch strategy became the template for GM’s future launches.

Scott brought with him the “doing things a little differently” approach he had been a part of at Saturn. He knew a big part of ProtectCell’s success would be due to the Company’s ability to go beyond traditional phone replacement service and create a much broader customer-centered program. Scott has made CRM a priority at ProtectCell, developing it as a company-wide business strategy, creating a model for valuing and measuring customer relationships.

Scott’s philosophy that the Company is ensuring the “wireless lifestyle” is one that now permeates everything ProtectCell does. Employees understand that it is people who are mobile, not their phones. Throughout the organization, it is clear that everyone knows ProtectCell is helping customers maintain a way of life when the Company replaces a lost, stolen or broken phone.

Scott has a Masters in Business Administration and a Bachelors Degree in Communications from the University of Michigan. He also served on Google's global advisory board and the Society of Digital Agencies advisory board.