Guest Profile

Mike Faith

Location: CA
Industry: Retail

Mike Faith was born British (1964), took up residence in the United States in 1990, and became an American Citizen in 2005.

As the founder and CEO of, Inc., Mike’s entrepreneurial flair, passion for customer service and talents for direct marketing have taken from zero to $30MM sales with a strategy that allowed the company to fund growth through sales and to show a profit during the dotcom crash and the recent recession. has brought distinction to Mike in many ways, including:
• Best Bosses Award from Winning Workplaces
• Inc 500 company (four times)
• Winner of Stevie award for America’s Best Customer Service Team

His primary business goal is to become the dominant player in the North American telephone headsets market.

Mike is a frequent speaker at direct marketing and business conferences. He sits on the Editorial & Advisory boards of the Retail Online Integration magazine, Really Smart Media and The Fruit Guys.

Mike is well connected in the Bay Area and Angel communities and has angel investments in AngelPoints, Home Comfort Zones, and, and was a key player in the recent and Veodia merger.
Mike is MENSA qualified and an active member of five business groups, one of which is the Business Direct Group, for which he is the Chair for 2011.

Mike believes in giving back and for this purpose he hosts and funds charitable dinners organized by, a catering and event planning company that provides people the chance to connect with high profile contacts and benefit their charitable cause at the same time. He recently visited Afghanistan with the Under Secretary for Defense and met with General Petreaus, to assist and review US efforts for encouraging reconstruction, and to advise locals in the efforts to create a sustainable Afghanistan.