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How to Reposition Your Business from a Low Cost Vendor to a True Strategic Partner

Growth Strategy: Innovation
Industry: Marketing

What would you do if you were the new CEO of a fairly traditional company (like a call center) that had recently dropped from $5 Mil/yr to $3 Mil/yr?

And no…that didn’t happen in 2008 or 2009.

If you were Alejandro Vargas, you would increase the value proposition, create strategic business units and only hire people who already have strong track records. Hear how Vargas and his team transformed DIALOGUE MARKETING, Inc. into the 1100 employee, 4 location, $40 Mil/yr award winning industry leader it is today.

Alejandro Vargas is chief executive officer and president of Dialogue Marketing, a provider of award-winning customer relationship management (CRM) services to help companies of all sizes and across a wide range of industries acquire, support and retain customers.

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