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CEO as “Chief Energy Officer”

Growth Strategy: Improved Customer Service;Improved Marketing & Sales
Industry: Business Services

If you aren’t in a position to be selective about which venture capitalists you accept to partner with you, listen to the CEO of search marketing industry leader, COVARIO. Learn from Russ Mann why and how their obsession with customer net promoter scores and team member happiness scores have driven the rapid profitable growth of their business. See/hear why Fortune 100 corporations rely on COVARIO (and their new spin off, RIO) to use SEO information to make product promotion decisions faster. Learn why COVARIO changed the process it uses for product development from Waterfall to Agile to Lean to Jugad.


Russ Mann is chief executive officer and founder of the Covario search marketing agency, as well as the recently spun-out RIO SEO software automation provider.

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