Title Growth Strategy Industry Guest Date
“What Can a President of a Mid-sized Business Learn from an Executive of a Nonprofit Entity?” with guest Dave Clements, Executive Director, LaCrosse Area Convention and Visitors Bureau Joint Ventures;
Strategic Alliances
Professional Services,Tourism Dave Clements 10/04/2011
“Changing Your Business Model” with guest Avis Yates Rivers, CEO of Technology Concepts Group International (TCGi) Acquisitions;
Business Model
IT Avis Yates Rivers 09/20/2011
Reinvention, Innovation, Product Development. Staying Ahead of the Curve. with guest Linda Maslow, CEO of The Maslow Group - Encore Innovation;
Promotion of New Products & Services to Existing Customers and/or Markets;
Promotion of New Products to New Markets
Communications Linda Maslow 08/30/2011
8 Behaviors that Stunt Growth for Most Mid-sized Family-Owned Businesses - Encore Business Model Aldonna Ambler 08/16/2011
Culture of Innovation and Product Development with guest Barbara Hemphill, founder of Paper Tiger - Encore Franchising or Licensing;
Promotion of New Products & Services to Existing Customers and/or Markets;
Promotion of New Products to New Markets
Business Services Barbara Hemphill 08/09/2011
International Inversions with guest Dennis Shah, CEO, Studio Printworks and Chambord Prints Distribution Channel Control;
Geographic Expansion
Manufacturing,Distribution Dennis Shah 08/02/2011
International Strategic Alliances with guest Ronald McFarland, UNIKA Company Limited Business Model;
Strategic Alliances
Manufacturing Ron McFarland 07/26/2011
“Techniques to Grow Despite Customer Distrust, Anger, and Tight Budgets” with Aldonna Ambler Innovation;
Aldonna Ambler 07/19/2011
“How to Sustain Profitability During an Uncertain Economy” with guest Mike Faith, President of Business Model;
Retail Mike Faith 07/12/2011
“Operational Excellence” with guest Jerry Bagel, MD, Medical Director of Windsor Dermatology, Inc. - Encore Presentation People;
Healthcare Jerry Bagel, MD 07/05/2011
“What to Do If You are Starting to Wonder if You and Your Team Will Soon be Out of Your League” with guest Margie Traylor, CEO, Sitewire - Encore Presentation Business Model Professional Services Margie Traylor 06/28/2011
How To Thrive During Uncertain Times with Aldonna Ambler - Encore Presentation Recession Aldonna Ambler 06/21/2011
“Fully Committing to Core Customers Pays Off” with guest Julie Levi, CEO of Progressive Promotions, Inc. - Encore Presentation Improved Marketing & Sales;
Improved Quality Control;
Promotion of Existing Products to Existing Customers and/or Markets
Wholesale Julie Levi 06/14/2011
“Can You Have Consistent Vision AND Be Agile?” with guest John Younger, President, CEO and Founder of ACCOLO Business Model Staffing John Younger 06/07/2011
“How Not to Trip All Over Yourselves Coordinating Multiple Services for Your Core Clients” with guest Tom Raffa, President & founder of RAFFA, P.C. Promotion of New Products & Services to Existing Customers and/or Markets Accounting,Business Services Tom Raffa 05/31/2011
"Can You Have Consistent Vision AND Be Agile?" with guest John Younger of ACCOLO Business Model IT John Younger 05/24/2011
“The Logic Behind Equity Partners, Employees, Subcontractors, Joint Ventures, Strategic Alliances, and Referrals” with guest Amy Friedman, CEO, Partners International Equity Deals;
Joint Ventures;
Strategic Alliances
Human Resources Amy Friedman 05/17/2011
When Your People Grow…So Does Your Business with guests Bhat Dittakavi and Venkat Yerubandi, co-CEOs VEDICSOFT People IT Bhat Dittakavi
Venkat Yerubandi
“Practical Ideas to Help You Recover from the Recession” with guest Harry Griendling, CEO, DoubleStar Business Model Harry Griendling 05/03/2011
“Expect that Your Business Model Will Need to Change Every Few Years” with Drew Morrisroe, founder and CEO, CTN Solutions Business Model IT Drew Morrisroe 04/26/2011

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